This is an amazing tour for the people who wish to experience a different culture and not the usual. It will build memories that will last forever. Join Pam and I on this extraordinary chance to visit a very special an untouched part of our world.

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 This tour is a MUST for the traveller who needs to explore new adventures and wants to go somewhere with

spectacular experiences.

Set between the giants of China and Russia Mongolia is unique

Experience the rustic travel in a land of history and mystique.


Nick and Pam Cannon


A 24 day cruise with Holland America exploring some capitals and cities of Northern Europe. Copenhagen; Tallin; St Petersburg; Helsinki; Bergen; Stockholm; Berlin; Hamburg - PLUS stops in Scotland and England - The Isle of Skye; Inverness; Edinburgh; Newcastle; 

Baltic Odyssey

May 2017.

Distinctive journeys for the Mature Traveller since 1969.

After each tour I publish a photographic journal of the tour.

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Nomads of the Steppes

July 2017