After each tour I publish a photographic journal of the tour.

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Nick and Pam Cannon


Ecuador and Galapagos

November 2017

Details to be announced.

   Visits to Dubai and Abu Dhabi balanced with visits to Medieval Era forts, Mosques, and preserved           neighbourhoods. For adventurous travellers wanting to discover something new and different.


October 2016.

Baltic Odyssey

May 2017.



Nomads of the Steppes

July 2017

A 24 day cruise with Holland America exploring some capitals and cities of Northern Europe. Copenhagen; Tallin; St Petersburg; Helsinki; Bergen; Stockholm; Berlin; Hamburg - PLUS stops in Scotland and England - The Isle of Skye; Inverness; Edinburgh; Newcastle; 

Arabian Treasures

​Dubai and Oman

March 2017


Set between the giants of China and Russia Mongolia is unique

Experience the rustic travel in a land of history and mystique.

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