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Explore the magnificence of Europe along its majestic river network historically used for commerce and trade. Delve into centuries of history along the magnificent Danube as we cruise by fabled castles, Gothic cathedrals, centuries old marketplaces and explore quaint medieval towns.
Embarking our luxurious floating home in Budapest, Hungary, we discover historic towns and landmarks in Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Disembarking in Vilshofen, we continue our European exploration in the medieval town of Nuremberg, a jewel of the Bavarian region with well preserved fortifications and stone towers. Next we cross the Alps to the picturesque town of Rothenberg, on the banks of the Tauber River, and finally enter the small Bavarian town of Oberammergau. For almost 400 years, the people of the alpine town of Oberammergau have fulfilled a vow to honour God  through the Passion Play, a larger than life portrayal of the life and passion of Jesus. Every ten years the village devotes itself to this wonderful event, involving a cast of thousands, entirely made up of local residents. For over two years, characters take on their roles, reliving the important tales from the Bible. The Passion Play in Oberammergau only comes around every 10 years. With an event this rare, and special, this tour will sell out very quickly.

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